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Post by Ivyshade-Admin on Sat Apr 06, 2013 1:44 pm

Please follow all forum rules, or else you may get a warning or be banned from the site. Some rules are more serious than others.

1. SPAM is not allowed. SPAM stands for stupid, pointless, annoying messages. The category of spam includes...
- Double-posting. If you have something new to say, edit your previous post instead of creating a new one.
- Bumping up old, dead topics with new posts. A topic is considered dead if it has not been posted in for over three months.
- Excessive colors, capitals, or punctuation. Typing in all caps for a very extended period is not allowed, as well as punctuation like this!!12;???/!!!1!!!!!!!/?//????/f.....1!! Excessive colors would be like this.
- If there's already a topic for something, post in that topic instead of creating a duplicate topic. If the existing topic is dead or locked, then you can create a new one for discussion.

2. Keep everything appropriate. This site is meant to be friendly for all ages. This includes...
- Keeping all roleplay appropriate. Do not describe violence/gore in excessive detail, and all sexual content will be removed immediately.
- No swearing or vulgar language is allowed. You can use minor stuff that isn't considered swearing, but nothing beyond that.
- If your post/art/literature was turned into a movie, what rating would it be? Remember to keep everything PG to PG-13.
- Do not link to anything that could be considered inappropriate.
- If I see that your avatar/signature is inappropriate, I have the right to modify them.

3. Respect is key. Respect isn't earned; it is deserved. Treat everyone on this forum with dignity, and you'll have the favor returned to you.
- You may debate and stand up for your own beliefs, but if it gets out of hand, a mod or I will intervene.
- Political views may be discussed, but not argued over. Anything relating to religion or a person's religious beliefs is off-limits.

4. Be careful when posting art/literature. Remember to follow these guidelines when posting art/writing:
- Art/writing containing swear words or excessive gore is not allowed. Remember the PG-PG13 rule.
- Art or writing theft will not be tolerated, period. If I find that you have stolen somebody's work, it will be deleted immediately and you will receive a warning. Art/writing theft is a serious problem online, and it will definitely not be allowed on this forum.
- Sexual content will be removed immediately.

5. There are limits for page stretching. Page stretching is pointless content that makes the page really long and tedious to scroll through.
- You may have images in your signature, but if I feel they are too big and are stretching the page, then I will contact you and ask you to change them.
- The same thing goes for images in your posts; however, the artwork section is excepted, for obvious reasons.

6. Follow all roleplay rules when roleplaying. Some of these rules include...
- When roleplaying, no god-modding. God-modding is when you control another person's character (e.g. Ivyshade slashed at Owlclaw, causing her to run away).
- No super-powers and wings and eccentric colors unless you are roleplaying in a fan Clan that allows them.

7. What do I do with trolls and the like? If you see a troll, don't feed it. Instead...
- Report the post. There's a button in the top right corner of each post to report it.
- Don't reply to a troll. That just starts arguments and flame wars. Just report quietly and move on.

8. So what happens if you break a rule? If you do break a rule or are given a reminder by a mod or myself, don't sweat it. It happens to the best of us - it's even happened to me before!
- If the rule is a minor one, you most likely won't receive a warning. You'll just be reminded by a mod or myself.
- If you break a more major rule, you may receive a warning.
- If you get five warnings, then you will be banned temporarily or permanently, depending on the seriousness of the warnings.

And, above all, enjoy yourself on the forums and make yourself at home among our community!

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