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Sometimes it Takes a Tragedy

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Sometimes it Takes a Tragedy Empty Sometimes it Takes a Tragedy

Post by Ivyshade-Admin on Sun Jul 14, 2013 10:13 pm

"Sometimes it takes a tragedy to teach the simplest of lessons..."

The cool, damp grass shone silver beneath the moon's light. A river cut through the soil, lined with a small strip of smooth gray pebbles. Normally, the bank would've been larger, but with all the rain in the past newleaf, it had swollen until it was choppy and angry as it continued on its endless journey. White foam topped the waves of green-black water until it dropped away and thundered into the gorge, soaking the path above with frothy spray.

Farther back from the gorge, a cat crouched, her shoulders relaxed and paws aligned neatly. The cat's gentle blue eyes glowed in the weak half-light, and her mottled dark gray and black fur was hard to see as it blended into shadows surrounding it.

The cat's head suddenly shot up, and she scrambled to her feet. The river thundered past it, carrying with it a small brown-and-white tom, an apprentice judging by his looks. The gray-black cat on the riverbank stood, frozen to the ground, her eyes wide and horror-struck as the younger cat was swept away.

The apprentice let out a wail that ended in a bout of coughing as a wave reared up and slammed him into the steep bank. The she-cat suddenly sprang into action, racing along the mud-soaked pebbles towards the tom.

But it was too late. The river roared in triumph as the apprentice was hurled over the gorge, his shriek cutting off as waves engulfed him and closed over his head.

Back on the shore, the gray-and-black she-cat craned her neck, searching for a flash of brown-and-white fur. She saw none. The she-cat plodded further up the river to its calmest point and collapsed onto the cold pebbles, letting waves wash over her haunches. I failed. Maybe I could've saved him, if I'd started chasing him sooner. If, if, if...


"I'm sorry, Shadeleaf. You couldn't have saved him; the river's too fast."

Shadeleaf looked up, her blue eyes filled with grief as she gazed at her denmate. "No, Frostpelt. You're wrong. I could've saved him. I should've saved him." Shadeleaf closed her eyes as sorrow swept over her.

A white she-cat pressed against her and touched her muzzle to her ear. "I'm sure he will be mourned by his Clan, but it wasn't your fault. Besides, he was from ThunderClan."

Shadeleaf pulled away, shocked. "The warrior code says that kits must be protected, no matter what Clan they come from. Why must apprentices be any different? Young cats are the heart of any Clan." Shadeleaf settled down into a mossy nest. "I just want to be alone for a while."

As Frostpelt padded away, Shadeleaf closed her eyes, but sleep wouldn't come to her. I'm so sorry. Run swiftly to StarClan, young apprentice.

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Sometimes it Takes a Tragedy Tunnel-snakes-rule-o

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