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The Seventh Dragoness~

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The Seventh Dragoness~ Empty The Seventh Dragoness~

Post by Ivyshade-Admin on Wed Jul 24, 2013 12:32 pm

I wanted to write about dragons, so.... here we go! XD This has a bit of fighting and gore in it, but it is not described in detail.

The Seventh Dragoness

The Dragons

Spirit Dragons: Spirit dragons can control others’ will and intentions. The extremely strong-willed may resist a Spirit dragon’s power.

Life Dragons: Life dragons have healing power and can enchant things to grow extremely fast. A Life dragon’s power may not work on other dragons.

Seer Dragons: Seer dragons can read minds predict the future.

Death Dragons: Death dragons have a highly poisonous bite and can become invisible at will.

Note: All dragon types can breathe fire and can be any color.


Wind howled and screamed over the rocky ledges, forcing the long grass to its knees. Rain pelted the countryside, slapping the mud unrelentingly and driven by fierce eddies. Far in the distance, blazing white lightning split the sky, followed by a resounding crash of thunder. The sky was pitch dark, void of all starlight, and covered with ominous, low hanging clouds that dumped their load upon the land below.
Huddled in a shallow mud-filled ditch were three dragons. One towered over the other two, its navy blue scales glistening with rain. The smallest one was slender and lithe, with glittering silver scales shot through with whorls of electric blue. The last dragon hung back from the group, her normally vibrant gold body drained of its brilliant color by the storm.
The huge blue dragon spoke in a deep, grating voice. “Where is Lua? She should be back by now.”
“I don’t know,” replied the gold dragon. Her tail twitched uneasily. “Shall we send somebody after her?”
The silver dragon glared at the other dragoness. “No,” she snapped. “We can’t spare anyone else.” Her blue eyes clouded with grief. “The first five are dead. Perhaps Lua has encountered the same fate.”
“No! It can’t be true!” protested the golden dragon. One of her claw-tips began to glow yellow-green, and she rubbed it through the scraggly, gray-green grass, leaving a trail of tall, lush grass in its wake.
The dark blue dragon broke in again. “We should’ve planned for this,” he growled, narrowing his fiery amber eyes. “We should’ve known that she would fail us.”
“She can’t have failed.” The golden dragoness’s gaze drifted to a clump of dandelions sprouting from the base of a rock. “Lua was our strongest soldier.”
“Yes, she was,” agreed the silver dragon absentmindedly. “But perhaps being strong was not enough...”

* * *

“Help! Help me!” The deep crimson dragon wriggled against the weight of dirt pinning her down. “Please help me!” she called again, but nothing replied save for the distant hoot of an owl. The dragoness’s silver whorls were nearly hidden with streaks of mud and blood. She tried to unearth herself from the heap of dirt and crumbled rock, but nothing budged.
“Somebody help me!” the dragoness shrieked again. She writhed desperately to escape the rapidly drying mud, but to no avail. She paused as a faint whisper sounded, but dismissed it as the breeze.
But the sound came again, on her other side this time, and there was no wind at all. She stopped struggling, narrowing her eyes suspiciously.
“Is somebody there?” the dragoness called warily. For a moment, she felt the unnerving sensation of being watched, but there was nothing to be seen around her besides shadowed vegetation. Something smooth and curved brushed against her forehead, vanishing soon after.
Now the crimson-and-silver dragoness was on high alert, staring wildly into the darkness. “Who’s there?” she snarled, curling her lip back to reveal gleaming fangs. “Show yourself, you coward!”
For a moment, there was no reply. Then a voice came from the darkness, soft and slick and quite frightening. “Why, hello, Lua. It really is a pleasure to meet you.”
Terror flickered in Lua’s eyes. “Who are you, and how do you know my name?”
“I’m quite sorry, Lua, but I’m afraid that I’m not allowed to share who I am. I have orders. As for how I know yours, I was told by my commander.”
Lua narrowed her green eyes, attempting to quell her fear. “Oh? And who is your commander?”
“Classified information.” The voice paused for a moment. “Now, it would be very nice of you if you could hold still for the next few minutes, dear.”
Lua thrashed and bucked beneath the rubble. “Don’t call me ‘dear’,” she hissed furiously. She raised an arm to swipe dirt from her face, but something seized her and pinned the limb to the mound of dry mud.
“Get off!” Lua shrieked and lunged forward, parting her maw to reveal gleaming teeth. Her jaws clacked shut above her arm, where there was surely something holding her down. But she was left snapping at empty air.
“Oh, Lua.” The voice came again, patronizing and oily. “Where did you learn that it is alright to attack a dragon that you hardly know?” An exaggerated sigh came from the darkness. “I wonder who would teach a hatchling such a thing. What an improper upbringing for a little gem such as yourself.”
Lua didn’t bother replying. She raised a talon and waved it in front of her, instantly pulling back when she felt her claw-tips brush against smooth scales.
But... there’s nothing there. Lua stared at the spot in front of her. “You’re a Death dragon.”
“Right you are, Lua!” the voice cried with mock delight. “How impressive. You’re a very intelligent young dragon. But then, I’m sure you’ve been told that before. It’s a shame that such talents will have to go to waste.” Cold, hard talons pressed against the back of Lua’s neck, forcing her head down. “I’m afraid your life will have to be regretfully short,” the voice purred from somewhere above her. “I’m so terribly sorry about that.” The talons wrenched Lua’s head around, and a dragoness came into view above her.
She was deceivingly small and lithe; despite her physical build, muscles ripped in her limbs and shoulders. Her blue eyes are like tiny pools amid a deep emerald-green forest. The dragoness opened her mouth enough to reveal her longest fangs, each with faintly glowing green droplets on the tips.
“But then, all good things must come to an end,” she went on, lowering her head until her warm breath stirred Lua’s ear. “Including the silly little organization that you’ve been hiding out with. You’re with them, aren’t you?”
Lua didn’t reply.
“I thought so,” said the dragoness. “Did anybody there tell you about what happened to the first five dragonesses?”
“No,” Lua managed to choke out through the talons that grasped her neck.
“What a shame. I suppose I’ll have to break the news to you, darling.” The dragoness shot a spurt of fire above Lua’s head, warming the air around them. “They were all murdered.” She smiled with all of her teeth. “I was sent to make you sure you suffered the same fate.”
Lua attempted to twist around and bite her adversary, but the smaller dragoness deftly avoided Lua’s teeth and sank her own into the crimson-and-silver dragon’s neck. Acid began to eat away at Lua’s scales, spreading slowly from the bitemarks.
“Good-bye, Lua,” the green dragoness whispered, taking a step back. “Another one dead. The sixth dragoness is gone.”

* * *

Heavy footsteps fell upon damp leaves, making soft squelching noises as they fell. Dawn light was spreading slowly throughout the sky, enfolding the waking world in gentle golden-orange wings. Panting breaths stirred the still morning air as something heavy was dragged along, leaving a wide trail in the leaf mold.
At last, the panting and dragging ceased as the muscular navy blue dragon dumped something gracelessly at the base of a hill. “Shayla! Everild!” he called, planting a foot on his dropped load.
From the underbrush, the silver dragoness emerged, closely followed by the golden one.
“Lua’s dead,” the blue dragon growled, poking the crimson-and-silver body with a claw.
For a moment, the two dragonesses stood frozen and silent, shocked. Then the gold dragon rushed forward to stand beside the body.
“No! She can’t be!” Her front talons began to glow green, and she pressed them to Lua’s still chest.
“Everild,” the silver dragoness said gently. “Once a dragon is dead, there is nothing even a Life dragon can do.”
“I know,” Everild whispered back. She examined the gash in Lua’s neck. “A Death dragon must have killed her.”
“It doesn’t matter who killed her,” the dark blue dragon snapped. He prodded Lua’s body with a talon. “Gather the others and find us a seventh dragoness.”
Shayla glared furiously. “Okay, let’s go get another dragon killed. The prophecy is doomed. All of the dragonesses are getting killed by Poppy’s soldiers.”
“Go!” the blue dragon commanded. He towered over Shayla. “Just find a dragoness and bring her to me. We need a seventh one.” He looked out at the rolling moorland beyond. Everild followed his gaze, but there was nothing there but gorse and peaty soil.
“This time, the dragoness will survive,” the navy blue dragon murmured. “We’ll make sure of it.”

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