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Defenders of Aeria ~`~

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Defenders of Aeria ~`~ Empty Defenders of Aeria ~`~

Post by Ivyshade-Admin on Tue Aug 27, 2013 9:14 pm

You walk slowly beneath the swaying pine boughs, stirred by a light breeze. What was that in the undergrowth? A fern is bobbing, harder than it should be, considering the slight draft of sickly wind that threads through your robe. Another wolf, perhaps? No, there are very large tracks in the mud beneath you. You reach down and compare one to your paw. Your own limb is dwarfed by the size of the strange creature's tracks.

A shiver runs down your spine, and you stand, alert, magic at the ready, staring wildly into the undergrowth. Before you is a thick bank of crowding trees; they could be concealing anything behind them.

After a moment of silence, you begin to let yourself think that the danger has passed. But then, something stirs behind the closely packed elms and pines. Huge feet stamp the earth. Nostrils flare, distinguishing your scent from the sharp smell of pine sap. Sharp amber eyes glare accusingly through the scrub.

Your ears flatten in terror, but you plant your feet in the soil to steady yourself. From the trees emerges an enormous Direwing. You know that Direwings are generally six to eight feet at the shoulders, but if you had to guess, you suppose that this one must be at least twelve. Its body is long and slender and pure jet-black, made entirely of shadow and night. It stretches its forepaws towards you, each one about the size of a watermelon and brandishing foot-long silver claws, smooth and gleaming in the sun like a freshly polished river stone. The Direwing lowers its head to stare at you with fiery golden eyes. Its pupils are frighteningly dark and seem to suck everything into their depths. The great beast stretches its shadow-cloaked wings above it, spreading out the wisps of darkness to look bigger.

You hope that your magic won't fail you now. You need it desperately. That, and luck.

Bleh. All forum rules apply. Make sure not to get too overpowered. Remember, you're going to lose some fights. XD Also, remember the strengths and weaknesses that are unique to your class type.

Welcome to Defenders of Aeria! This is a magical, fantasy-based roleplay. Here are the different classes you can sign up as:

Defender of Flame
Controls fire, cannot be hurt by fire. Weakness to water. Swimming can distinguish power temporarily. Strong against earth.

Defender of Water
Controls water, cannot be drowned/run out of air underwater. Weakness to earth. Strong against fire.

Defender of Earth
Controls earth, can heal with a touch of a paw. Weakness to air. Strong against water.

Defender of Air
Controls air/wind, can ride strong currents of wind for a short time. Weakness to ice. Usually scared of the dark. Strong against earth.

Defender of Ice
Can freeze things at will/control ice. Cannot be frozen. Weakness to night. Strong against air.

Defender of Night
Controls darkness/shadows. Can become invisible at will for a few seconds at a time. Weakness to sun. Strong against ice.

Defender of Sun
Controls light. Cannot be blinded. Weakness to lightning. Strong against night.

Defender of Lightning
Controls lightning/electricity. Cannot be electrocuted. Weakness to fire. Strong against sun.

Note: Your character can be anything that's an animal. Cat, wolf, okapi, koala, cassowary, hawk, whatever. Just as long as it's an animal, you're good to go. ;D

Sign-Up Form
Character Name:
Character Species:
Character Gender:
Eye Color:
Which Defender type?:

Post the sign-up form on this thread, and I'll add you to the front post! c:

Current Members:

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Sundew's feathers are silvery-gray with streaks of buff and chestnut, speckled with dark gray-black. Her underbelly is very pale gray, pretty much white, specked with black. She has large, golden eyes that are nearly filled by her pupils. Sundew is a lightly built, swift bird; she doesn't rely on her strength in a battle.

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