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Three new biographies!

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Three new biographies! Empty Three new biographies!

Post by Dovewing on Thu Sep 05, 2013 8:24 pm

Name: Sootfeather
Clan: Thunderclan
Gender: female
Pelt color: dark gray
eye color: green
Age: 12 1/2 moons
Personality: Loves to daydream and is easily irritated. She doesn't really understand the importance of medicine cats and is annoyed when asked to help with herbs. A good hunter and very friendly.

Name: Ravenwing
Clan: Windclan
gender: female
pelt color: black
eye color: dark blue
age: 17 moons
Personality: Very shady, sarcastic, and dark. Her clanmates often make fun of her and compare her to a Shadowclan cat. She doesn't enjoy being around her old apprentice and when she's mad, she is very quick to come up with retorts. Not an especially good hunter, but is very skilled in battle.

Name: Leafstep
Clan: Skyclan
gender: female
pelt color: cream
eye color: amber
age: 15 moons
Personality: Very shy and quiet, but also very observant, which makes her a good hunter and fighter. She can often tell where an enemy will strike before they do. Has a brother named Oakpelt, who she despises because he chased their sister, Rose, onto a Thunderpath, killing her. Oakpelt said that Rose was on their land and he had to do it, but Leafstep knew that Rose was about to have kits and needed a medicine cat. Leafstep was once part of a group of cats who called themselves Alleyclan, in mockery of the real warrior clans, but she was forced out for being to soft and joined Skyclan. One day she hopes to meet Alleyclan and prove to them that she is not, and never was, soft.

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Three new biographies! Empty Re: Three new biographies!

Post by Ivyshade-Admin on Tue Sep 10, 2013 5:33 pm

Great personalities; very interesting! Nice job. :3

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Three new biographies! Tunnel-snakes-rule-o

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