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Driftfoot of ShadowClan

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Driftfoot of ShadowClan Empty Driftfoot of ShadowClan

Post by Driftfoot on Wed Sep 11, 2013 7:35 pm


NAME: Driftkit/Driftpaw/Driftfoot
AGE 25 Moons
GENDER: Female, of course.
CLAN: ShadowClan
RANK Warrior


Driftfoot of ShadowClan 2w4jlsl
FUR: Driftfoot's main coat color is a lovely shade of silver. Drifty prefers making it soft. She isn't very fond of a messy pelt.
In green-leaf, her coat is a medium-length, and silky smooth. In leaf-fall, it starts growing thicker. By the start of leaf-bare, her pelt is super thick, and a little darker.
Around her eyes, she has white blotches. Her back-right paw is all black with a white little streak on it. On her lower front legs, it somewhat fades to white.
Her tail is a sweeping plume of fluff.
EYES: A lovely shade of olive.
MARKINGS: Driftfoot is a black-striped tabby. Her "Stripes" are spectacularly swirled.
BODY: Driftfoot is a rather small cat, though her build is stocky. She has a broad, flattened face, similar to Yellowfang's. Also, Driftfoot has pretty long claws... she claims she likes to keep them sharp for when some mouse-brained cats stray onto the territory.


LIKES: ShadowClan, the marsh, the wild, catching prey, watching a fight, being in combat, eating, training, going to gatherings, StarClan, and shiny objects
DISLIKES: Losing battles, being bossed around by anyone in her same rank or under, hot weather, having a messy pelt, and misbehaving kits and apprentices.
STRENGTHS: Her love to StarClan and her loyalty to the Warrior Code, her great stamina, her decent strength and speed.
WEAKNESSES: Easily distracted and love for fights, though she is loyal to StarClan.
FEARS: Not being accepted by StarClan, loosing the ones she loves, and the ThunderPath.
FLAWS: She is quite hot headed...


FAMILY: Wolftail (Father;;Deceased), Losteyes (Mother;; Deceased), Stonetail(Brother;;Deceased), Foxtrot (Brother;;Deseased), Snowdrift (Foster Mother;; Deceased), Firestone (Foster Father;; Deceased), Stormpaw (Foster Brother;;Deaseased)

HISTORY Losteyes was a beautiful white she-cat. Unfortunately, she could not see. The cat was blind. Most of ShadowClan didn't appreciate her, but there was one cat who was in love with the Losteyes beauty. His name was Wolftail, a large silver and black tabby tom. Soon, the two where deeply in love with eachother, then, mates.

When Wolftail found out that his mate was going to have kits, he was leaping with joy.
But that joy was killed off when his mate gave birth.
Losteyes had lost a lot of blood when kitting. Though the kits where fine, Losteyes had died. Wolftail was heartbroken. He went out for a walk, and never came back. A patrol found his body on the ThunderPath.

The three kits didn't know who their true mother was. That was kept a secret. They were raised by a queen with only one of her own, Stormkit. The queens name was Snowdrift.

To make the kits think that they really belonged to Snowdrift and her mate, Firestone, they named two of the kits after themselves, Stonekit and Driftkit.  

The four kits, Driftkit, Stonekit, Foxkit, and Stormkit were made apprentices. Driftpaw got a brown tabby, Deerspots, as her mentor. Driftpaw really liked her mentor, although she was awfully strict.

After many, many moons of training, Driftpaw was made into a warrior. Driftfoot was her given name. Foxpaw was made into Foxtrot. Stonekit was made into Stonetail. Unfortunately, Stormpaw was killed in too hard of training with his mentor, who banished from ShadowClan soon after.

The Clan had a pesky badger killing off prey. The Clan had to do something about that.
The leader made a patrol, consisting of Driftfoot and her siblings, to go after the badger.
While searching for the pest, the badger came out of the bushes and killed Stonetail.
While Foxtrot was distracted of his brother's death, the badger attacked the orange tom. The rest of the patrol chased the badger away, onto the ThunderPath, were is was killed by a large monster.

Driftfoot tried taking her fallen brother to the healer, but he died as soon as they entered the camp.
She mourned her brother's deaths.

Snowdrift and Firestone were already old when they were nursing the four kits. Firestone had died a few moons after the two were killed by the badger. Later, Snowdrift died of her old age as well.

Driftfoot's personality changed as she thought that everyone in her family was dead. She used to be a cheerful, hopeful cat. Now she's a blood-loving, hot-headed feline.

A few moons after that, when Driftfoot was 23 moons, one of the oldest elders had told her who her real parents were. Losteyes and Firestone. Driftfoot hated Firestone for "Abandoning" she and her brothers. She refused to believed that her father would have loved them. But because her foster parents remained in StarClan, Driftfoot continued to have faith in her starry ancestors.



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Driftfoot of ShadowClan Empty Re: Driftfoot of ShadowClan

Post by Ivyshade-Admin on Thu Sep 12, 2013 7:18 pm

What a deep character, and quite beautiful, too. Nice job!

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