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Poppyflight, Nari, and Spoonface

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Poppyflight, Nari, and Spoonface Empty Poppyflight, Nari, and Spoonface

Post by Ivyshade-Admin on Sun Jan 05, 2014 2:41 pm

Name: Poppyflight
Gender: Female
Age: 26 moons
Clan: ShadowClan
Physical Appearance: Her fur is patched with russet tabby, black, and white. She has large eyes and well-shaped ears set in a fairly round face. Her paws are small and delicate, and her tail is long and feathers out near the end.
Physical Build: She is a lithe she-cat, with slender limbs and a highly arcing chest. She relies on her speed and agility rather than her strength in battle.
Eye color: Striking forest-green
Personality: Poppyflight is eager and ferociously loyal to her Clan. She is determined to take whatever life throws at her, and when she does, she usually stomps on it and tosses it aside. Her ambition drives her to be a warrior, and she strives for excellence in every task she takes on. Poppyflight is keen and observative, often making her seem perceptive. She will argue fiercely with cats who have views opposing hers.
Good qualities: Loyal, determined, ambitious, intelligent
Bad qualities: Stubborn, argumentative, tends to view her opinion as fact
Likes: ShadowClan, kits, races with fellow Clanmates
Dislikes: Storms, frogs (eww), taking orders from any cat who's not the Clan leader, deputy, or medicine cat

Name: Nari
Gender: Female
Age: 30 moons
Clan: BloodClan
Physical Appearance: Coated in thick, shiny jet-black fur, Nari has slender limbs and a long, elegant face. She is slightly smaller than most, and her tail is quite long.
Physical Build: At first glance, Nari appears small, weak, and rather non-threatening, but if you look closely, you can see her shoulder muscles rippling beneath her pelt and her tensed haunches, ready to leap. Though she is swift and graceful, she is also strong and can deliver nasty blows.
Eye color: Ice-blue
Personality: Nari is selfish and cold-hearted, interested only in her own survival. She couldn't be bothered to help anybody else. Crafty and persuasive, Nari can act sweet to help use other cats to do her dirty work for her.
Good qualities: Intelligent, swift, skilled
Bad qualities: Cruel, selfish, manipulative, cunning
Likes: Playing with prey, winning fights, chasing things
Dislikes: Losing fights, losing prey, Twolegs, Twoleg monsters

Name: Spoonface
Gender: Female
Age: 34,572182,394,4 moons ('cause she's immortal or something)
Clan: MeepClan
Physical Appearance: Spoonface has a bright hot-pink pelt with purple and green stripes and spots on her legs. Her ears are insanely big and gawky, and her tail is super-huge and floofy. She has rainbow-colored wings and her tongue is neon green. A bold blue stripe runs all the way down her spine. Her face is long and triangularish.
Physical Build: Spoonface is a tad bit plump, but her limbs are all super-duper thin, and her paws are perfectly triangle-shaped and cartoony-looking.
Eye color: RAINBOWZ
Personality: Spoonface is happy and derpy and dumb and completely clueless. She is always kind, but can be kind of selfish sometimes. She talks liek dis an mixes up them there words stuffs.
Good qualities: Rainbows, rainbows, rainbows, her hilarity
Bad qualities: Selfish, mary-sue-ness, eye-bleeding colors
Likes: Rainbows
Dislikes: Gray, black, brown

In case you couldn't tell, Spoonface is a complete joke.

Also, I just realized that Nari is a total Scourge copypasta.  Pchooo

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Poppyflight, Nari, and Spoonface Tunnel-snakes-rule-o

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