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Storms are very scary hnnngh

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Storms are very scary hnnngh Empty Storms are very scary hnnngh

Post by Ivyshade-Admin on Tue Jun 03, 2014 8:36 pm

My mom was picking me up from a summer camp today when the tornado sirens went off.

My first thought: "Oh crap."

We decided to drive home, but there were TONS of people on the road, so it was pretty slow. To our left, the sky looked pretty normal, but to the right it was full of ominously dark low-hanging clouds. The sky kept on getting darker as we drove, and it was honestly really scary. My mom kept on making comments about how the sky looked bad and how there were giant storms coming for us, and it was REALLY not helping me. We kept on trying to call my dad and my brother, but after a few seconds, the call would lose connection.

We made it home safely, but that ride was probably the second-scariest car ride of my life.

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Storms are very scary hnnngh Tunnel-snakes-rule-o

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Storms are very scary hnnngh Empty Re: Storms are very scary hnnngh

Post by Tormenta on Sun Jun 08, 2014 1:48 pm

Oh my gosh! I would be terrorized if I were to have seen that! DX
Anyways, I am glad that you are safe and well. That is just completely scary! DX

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