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Warriors: Cats of All Clans

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Warriors: Cats of All Clans Empty Warriors: Cats of All Clans

Post by Thinking on Sun Jul 13, 2014 9:18 pm

Welcome to Warriors: Cats of all Clans.
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Deep within the forest, a large group of cats lurk. They have divided into 5 "clans" as they call it. There is ShadowClan, the clan of darkness;ThunderClan, the clan of the sky; WindClan, the clan of air; RiverClan, the clan of water; and BloodClan, the clan of blood and mystery. They rule the forest and have their own laws known at the Warrior Code. But there is another group of cats in the mountains known as the Tribe Of Rushing Water. They are similar to the clan cats, but are also very different. Lately many things have been happening in the Warriors world...
ShadowClan- The last Leader, Silvermist resigned her position. And the new leader, TaintedStar, seems strong and brave. But can he handle the troubles ahead?
ThunderClan-BrightStar has resigned her position as leader, but she has not shown her face since. She now is placed as deputy, and her old deputy Ferntail, is placed as leader but can she handle is?
WindClan- The attack of the dogs would've wiped out WindClan if Shadowclan hadn't raced to the rescue. Still however, the deputy is mortally injured and the pack leader still remains at large...
RiverClan- RiverClan's lack of warriors has caused them to be the weakest clan at the moment. There old leader has regained power but how will CherryHeart take it? looks like she took it hard now that DeadEye is the Deputy. They need more warriors to hunt if they are to survive.
BloodClan- After the recent territory battle with the Tribe Cats, BloodClan has decrease in number. But that doesn't mean they aren't any weaker. Mercurystar has very high aspirations for her clan, and she will stop at nothing to get what she wants.
Tribe Cats- Their battle with BloodClan over the coveted Shade Woods has left them weak and undernourished. However their new leader Silentstar is stronger than she looks and is determined to strengthen her tribe.
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Warriors: Cats of all Clans

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