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Warriors-The New Story

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Warriors-The New Story Empty Warriors-The New Story

Post by TNS Staff on Sun Mar 01, 2015 6:56 pm

TNS is a warrior cat roleplay made by Jcoon on March 30th. We have a new site due to Resetting the old one, because of confusement and inactiveness.

We are three clans, surviving the way we are born to, each clan, Storm, Fire, and Mist. We have our own way of hunting, caring, and living. We are only brought together by the truce of the full moon under Silverpelt and MoonClan to share our stats, news, and ideas. We fight for our boundaries, fight for our clan, kill prey for our kits and elders, and live by the warrior code.
Or an outsider, rogues that follow no code, living in the wastelands near the clans. Sometimes we mess with the clans, along with the kittypets and loners, living at the small twoleg place on the opposite side of the wasteland.
Which clan do you choose to be?

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