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Getting Started on the Forums

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Getting Started on the Forums

Post by Ivyshade-Admin on Sun Apr 07, 2013 4:45 pm

Hello, Ivyshade here! This is just a quick guide of how to get started on the forums.

So, I've registered and activated my account. What now?

I would start off by posting an introduction in the Introduce Yourself forum. There, people can welcome you and get to know you better. Then I would customize your profile. After that, it's all up to you! You could post artwork or writings, or join in an off-topic conversation, or start off by roleplaying. It doesn't matter what you do next; it's your decision.

I don't really know anybody on the forums. How can I make new friends here?

The General Discussion topic (located under Other) is the perfect place to get to know people better. You could also go to the categories like Music, Sports, Technology, etc. to find people with similar interests to yours. Another great way to make more friends is to get on the chatbox and talk with some of the forum users.

I have a question...

First, look through the FAQs and User Guides and see if those answer your question. If not, post a topic in Question Central, and users will try to answer your question. If you're a guest, then go to the Guest Question Central. If you still can't find your answer, feel free to shoot me (Ivyshade) a PM or an email.

Uh-oh, I found a post that breaks the forum/roleplay rules! What do I do?

You can report the post. Up in the corner of the post, there should be an icon to report the post. Reports go to me, and I'll check it out. Or, you can contact me either through PM or email, and I'll deal with it.

I've received a warning or a ban. Wait, what?! What did I do wrong?

If you're not sure why you've received a warning/ban, contact me (Ivyshade) or a moderator. Remember, the mods and I don't hand out warnings for fun - we do it for a reason.

Why can't I use cuss words on the forums?

This forum is meant to be a friendly place for discussion, and I don't want anybody to feel uncomfortable. If I see any foul language on the forums, I will delete it and distribute warnings/bans, depending on how bad the offense is.

Why can't I use an unrealistic character in the core roleplay topics?

This forum is for Warriors, not Unusually Colored Cats Who Can Somehow Grow Bangs. If a fan Clan allows it, you can have superpowers and wings and such, just not in the normal RP topics.

I posted a writing/artwork/Clan/custom RP, but nobody's posted on it!

If you want to increase comments on things like those, try putting a link to it in your location or signature. Also, it's okay to advertise it on the chatbox or General Discussion topic.

I hope this guide helped you out! :)

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