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Clan Character Profiles

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Clan Character Profiles

Post by Ivyshade-Admin on Tue Apr 09, 2013 4:54 pm

Just some Clan character profiles I've written up. ^^

ThunderClan: Brave, noble, moral, and loyal. They are the 'good guys' of the Warriors series. Generally, ThunderClan warriors are peaceful and don't always enjoy engaging in skirmishes. All kinds of prey runs in their territory, from mice, voles, squirrels, and shrews to birds such as robins, finches, blackbirds, and even the occasional rabbit!

RiverClan: Sleek, well-fed, proud, and arrogant. RiverClan cats are the only Clan that does not fear water; in fact, they swim and fish all the time! Because of their plentiful fatty prey, their coats are sleek and shiny. RiverClan cats are rather proud of their fish and are sometimes considered arrogant and lazy. Their main prey is fish, but they sometimes add water voles, shrews, and birds to their fresh-kill pile.

WindClan: Nervous, spiritual, alert, and skittish. Living on the open moor, WindClan cats are quick to flee due to their limited cover. They are proud to be the Clan closest to the Moonstone, and, they believe, to StarClan. Their short pelts of grays and browns help to blend in while they stalk prey, seeing as they have no other places to hide. They are skinny because they have to chase rabbits for their prey.

ShadowClan: Cunning, calculating, sneaky, and dark-hearted. ShadowClan cats are often viewed as the worst Clan from their tendencies to steal and ambush other Clans. ShadowClan cats can hunt in the darkest of nights, adding to their reputation for being cruel and evil. Their boggy territory houses lizards, frogs, shrews, and some birds.

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