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The Guide to a Good Roleplay Post

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The Guide to a Good Roleplay Post Empty The Guide to a Good Roleplay Post

Post by Ivyshade-Admin on Sun Apr 28, 2013 9:56 am

A good roleplay post includes description, dialogue, the character's thoughts and actions, and proper grammar and spelling. Let's start off with a bad RP post, and I'll show you how to make it better.

"Ivyshade sat down and licked her paw."

Uhm. It has no description AT ALL, nothing interesting to catch you eye and make your post worth reading. So, let's describe Ivyshade and her movements a bit more.

"Ivyshade sat down, fur shining, and drew her tongue over her paw."

Okay, that's a bit better. But it's just one sentence. We need our RP posts to accurately describe for the reader what our character is doing. So, more description, more dialogue, more sentences. GO!

"Ivyshade sat back on her haunches, the weak sunlight catching her ginger-and-white fur, and lapped at a muddied claw. She looked up to see dark, thick clouds rolling in ominously around the horizon line. "I hope it doesn't rain," the RiverClan she-cat murmured worriedly."

Now, THAT is a good roleplay post. You've got description, dialogue, a sense of 'plot' in a post. Your post is worth reading!

Have fun roleplaying, and I hope this guide helped you out! :3


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The Guide to a Good Roleplay Post Tunnel-snakes-rule-o

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