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IvyClan & LucidClan

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IvyClan & LucidClan Empty IvyClan & LucidClan

Post by Rosey on Thu Jun 12, 2014 2:34 pm

IvyClan & LucidClan Zwdnd4
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IvyClan and LucidClan is a warrior cats rpg made back in 2009 and recently reanimated. We are an open, friendly community, with a basis of intermediate to advanced role players. You are allowed unlimited characters. Here, on IvyClan and LucidClan, you pretend to be a warrior cat, and live your life in one of the two Clans (IvyClan or LucidClan), a loner, a kittypet, or a rogue. High ranks are available to everyone, although most are filled. We are active almost 24 hours a day. IvyClan & LucidClan's one goal is to provide freedom and fun to role players. Often times, there are too many sites which like to limit the amount of opportunities available to you, but here we support any role play idea you have, so long as it isn't power playing, or unrealistic.

Current Information:
Year: 1
Aging: 3 Moons
Season: Green-leaf
It's early Green-leaf! Finally the mud and muck has gone away and turned into bright shiny days filled with white puffy clouds. The birds and bugs are buzzing and chirping, the forest is alive with the calls of various other animals, including surplus amounts of prey for the Clans!

Current Prophecy:
The First Prophecy
"What has happened once can happen again,
History is prone to repeat.
But wandering through the forests are those
Of fire and sleet
Of heart and hate.
These are the four who decide your fate."

Participants: the LucidClan cult, rogue gang, specifics unknown
Effects: Apprentice aging above 9 moons has stopped.

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