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Clans Of The Wood

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Clans Of The Wood Empty Clans Of The Wood

Post by Graystar on Fri Jan 09, 2015 9:47 pm

Clans Of The Wood COTW_zpsad528717

Clans Of The Wood is a brand new warrior cats site designed to make the role play feel as real as possible. We have few members because we only just started, but even so every one is kind and helpful. The site is easy to understand and the role play is meant to accept everyone.

There are four clans.

SunClan and MoonClan, who war against each other constantly, fighting for territory and honor.

StreamClan and CloudClan, the two are more docile, and isolated, but ready to fight and protect their own.

Lots of high ranks open, we need members!

**The site is mostly finished, despite a few minor things. We are open to suggestions, feedback, anything! We are still in the early stages!**

Come check us out!


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