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The Backseat Moderating Guide

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The Backseat Moderating Guide

Post by Ivyshade-Admin on Mon Apr 08, 2013 7:13 pm

What is backseat moderating?
Backseat moderating is when a user who is NOT a moderator acts like one, or tries to tell a moderator to do their job. It is usually not allowed on forum websites and is frowned upon in this forum. Usually, the person who is backseat moderating only has the best of intentions, but that's the moderators' job, not yours. If I catch anybody backseat moderating, I may just talk to you about it or give out bans, depending on how serious it is.

How can I tell if somebody or myself is backseat moderating?
Some common examples are...
"This thread needs to be locked!"
"Remember, [insert action here] is not allowed on the forums."
"I suggest you read over the rules before posting."
"I'm going to go get a moderator!"
"You guys should follow the rules."
"Ask me if you need help with anything."

How do I avoid becoming a backseat moderator?
Just remember that if somebody's breaking the rules, report the post and move on. You don't have to remind them about the rules or exclaim that the topic is pointless and will get locked/deleted. Also, if a person needs help, they can contact a mod; don't offer yourself up for that position.

Uh-oh, I found somebody who's being a backseat moderator. What do I do?
Just report the post. There's no need to go on the thread and say to the person, "I'm reporting you!" or "I'm going to get a mod!" or "This topic will get locked!" Just report quietly and move along.

I hope this cleared up what a backseat moderator is, how to recognize it, and how to avoid it. Thank you for reading, and happy roleplaying!

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